Particle の

In general the particle puts between two nouns. You need to add the particle の no at the end of the added noun to indicate that it is a modifier.
Noun1 of Noun2” is expressed as.“Noun2 の Noun1”.
Yet this can be used more widely than the English “of”. It also makes adjectivals, indicates positions and makes possessive adjectives or pronouns, etc.


2) Lugar
とうきょう かいしゃです。 It is a company in Tokyo / It is a company which is based in Tokyo.
3) Tiempo
それは きのう しんぶんです。 That is yesterday’s newspaper.

あした あさです。 It is tomorrow morning. (lit: the morning of tomorrow)
4) Naturaliza, estado
にほんご ほんです。 It is a Japanese book.
5) Materia
いすです。 It is a wooden chair (a chair made of wood).