Nihongo Library

Private Japanese lessons

  • Native teacher from Kyoto

    It is ideal to learn with native for acquiring the correct pronunciation and make sentences correctly. The teacher was born in Kyoto, Japan and he can also teach a dialect of Kyoto (Kyoto-ben or Kansai-ben)

  • At your pace

    The private lessons have a lot of merits. You can learn at your pace so it allow you to deepen your knowledge and repeat until you master what you need. Also you can spend more time in speaking, listening and asking.

  • Economic prices

    I offer you prices economic for private lessons. It depends on the quantity you want, I can discount. There are also group lessons at a good price so you can come with you friends. The price is available from 12,5 euros.

Japanese lessons for Skype

  • One lesson for 45 minutes
  • 12 .5 euros / lesson
  • With native teacher

Japanese grammar book

  • Free book for downloading

    The free book is available for the beginners who want to start to study Japanese.
    This book allows you learning speedy and easily.
    The explanations of grammar are simple.
    Audio are also include so you can verify the pronunciation.

    Download the book