Japanese private lessons


An original teaching material is used to make progress quickly. The objective is to acquire basic knowledges quickly for spending more time on a practice.

Lesson programme

The base is fundamental for the learners of the language. The lessons are organized to study efficiently.

  • tarjetas de vocabulario


    We need 3,000 words to speak fluently in Japanese. If you know 700 words, you can express many things with simple phrases so 700 is the minimum indispensable for the beginners.

  • gramatica japonesa

    grammar themes

    The first 50 grammar themes are fundamental and the important structures to make sentences. If you master this grammar, you can speak Japanese very well although it is the basic level.

  • metodo de traduccion bidireccional



    The method of bi-directional traduction is a technic that focalize on the traduction of sentences from the target language to your mother language and vice versa.

Lesson programme

curricurum de curso japones
  • Plan

    Well organized lessons

    The lessons are organized well so that you can learn well the grammar, the vocabulary and the pronunciation all together.

  • Efficient

    Learn quickly

    Several methods are applied to learn efficiently. Vocabulary cards are used to learn words, for exemple.

  • Prices

    From 12.5 euros ~

    Several lessons plans are available. Depending on your necessities, the price change. According to the conditions, the price are negociable.


  • € 70 / month

    4 lessons / month

    € 17.5 / lesson

    60 mins / lesson

    private lessons

  • € 120 / month

    8 lessons / month

    € 15 / lesson

    60 mins / lesson

    private lessons

  • € 100 / month

    8 lessons / month

    € 12.5 / lesson

    60 mins / lesson

    group lessons
    *more than 2 persons


  • Place

    Premià de Mar, Barcelonaa
    near the station Premià de Mar

  • Lessons at your home

    If you prefer to have the lessons at you home,
    I charge you 3 euros each lessons for an extra charge.

lugar donde se hace la clase